NMS Broadcast Logging System


NMS Logging Key Features
• Records large numbers of SD and HD channels simultaneously.
• Fully encryted with 128-bit Triple DES encryption.
• Easy to use web-based user interface.
• Automatic archive management.
• Small datacenter foot-print.
• Export to DVD, thumbdrive with secured access control.
• Robust and proven in contiuous 24×7 operations suitable for 24 hours radio broadcast operation.


NMS Logging Key Features
• Able to perform multiple channel recording in AES/EBU format (audio) and HD/SD-SDI (video)
• Support MP3 and PCM format
• Each channel can be set to record in different format
• Error or alarm can be sent via Email or SNMP
• Continuously recording can be at least 90 days.


NMS Logging Key Features
• Able to search file by month, date and time.
• Recorded program can be check via network through Web UI.
• Recorded files can be access by unlimited number of users simultaneously.